Midnite on the farm

What are you thinking? Is she about to describe the star lit skies? The moon across the pond? Nope, nothing so obvious....John and I put on our insulated Carharts and with flash light in hand to wrastle a guinea hen! As you may or may not know, guineas are impossible to catch unless they're roosting...or sleeping as it is. They get high in the rafters of the barn and "sleep" and are almost blind without light. Problem was one of the guinea hens had gotten string (goodness only knows where she got it) wrapped around and around and around her little (very dangerous) legs. Knowing this was a difficult resolve I had watched her closely for several days, hoping she would get it off but no luck, in fact it seemed to get more tangled. So, our only resolve was a mid night trek to the barn. We had to be very quite, those of you who know me know how hard that is for me. John got the ladder and up he went...I knew he was nervous, staring upward at those guinea behinds, all in a row, and very sharp talons. He grabbed and I supported his legs as he walked back down the ladder with a screaming guinea hen...you'd think we we're killing her! Anyway, out I brought my scissors while he so gently held her screaming self....we got the string OFF...back to the house we went, mind you it was about 11 degrees at that moment. Our heads hit the pillows feeling so thankful we were able to help her. It will take her awhile, as of today, 2 days after the event ...all she remembers is that duo with the flash light that interuppted her night sleep. All in a day on the farm....after midnight!