Hard Day on the Farm

Yes, the plight of a farmer...chores are always there and NEVER done. Such a hard life!

A beautiful spring day and I had to perch myself atop the green machine...my other Deere, John. Bush Hogging, it's referred to (named for the implement you pull from the tractor's hydraulics behind). The pasture is being prepped for spring hay! Around and around I go, "bushogging". The only heart racing that takes place from my estimation is from the unobstructed views of nature all around. I share my day of "hard work" with the birds overhead, the mysterious creatures heads peaking from the pond until I approach (quickly they disappear) with each round. This job can take all day you know. The hours pass, life plans are made, gardens are prepped, the house is cleaned...all in my mind of course....but, who cares...it's done!