Girls with no Coats

February 28th we have scheduled shearing day 2010. We have had such an extreme winter I can only hope these sheep have more in their closets? We have a professional shearer come to the farm so we have to schedule in advance. Last year, this date would have been better then our chosen March date which was a down pour...but no freezing temps. Surely, any sheep on my farm would have a fashion fall back, wouldn't they? Alas, the event must go on. The day begins early so we require a really good nights rest. We shear the rams (boys)1st. As many of you know we have 2 adult rams, Mi Sueno (my dream) and Kola (my friend). Both characters by their own rites. Every time these guys have to reacquaint themselves it's a site not for the faint of heart. Although I quickly remove my self to the ever so sweet and reasonable gals, the "ramming" noise reverberates about the whole farm! Now these two have been in the same pasture since January. Without fail, when they loose that wool they do not recognize each others naked selves and so it goes again. Yes, boys will be boys.
Then, on to the girls. One might think an easier task but shear numbers contradict that. We have some 35 girls this year!
It will be a fun day. It always is. Lots of folks come to see something they've never before and may never again experience. We have a nice warm lunch around noon. Our shearer loves to educate and share. The farm gets bigger every year. Yes, a bigger job ahead but it marks and interesting phase each year for me. We are soon to see all the littlest ones hitting the ground, my very favorite time on the farm.