Roller Bees

What are Roller Bees you ask?  A Roller Bee is the affectionate name we use to refer to the folks that have joined our team, helping with the production of our ever popular wool products.  Several years ago we realized we needed help keeping up with demand so we went out into the community.  We quickly had folks coming from many different directions.   We had stay at home moms that needed to contribute but had to be at home, women who'd lost their jobs or just couldn't make ends meet.  There were women who'd left difficult situations to make a better life.  Some had lost their partners unexpectedly, some with insurmountable medical bills, some with disabilities that  inhibited their potential.  Our network got bigger and bigger. We became more and more aware of this unmet need in the community. We also began working with a wonderful organization, Women's Resource Center.  A group of dedicated folks that work hard to help women "improve and enrich their lives".   With their help we were able to reach even further into the community.  Today we continue to grow far and wide.

So, our Bee's continue to be a very important part of our story.  We know our products are  good for the environment and the agricultural community but we didn't anticipate this piece of the story.   

The door to our wool house.... now become The Hive!