Imagine, sitting under an old oak tree. Walking thru pastures, over creeks, stopping only to inhale the unobstructed views of nature.
Imagine a place you can visit animals, walk with quail, listen to the wind, count the stars, laugh, play...dream.
Come, escape the ordinary.........
 Stoney Mountain Farm.

home to our sheep, llamas, Briards, chickens and the ever popular ......

Eco-Friendly Wool Product Line

Offering 100% wool,all natural product options for use in our everyday lives.

If you haven't already noticed, our wool products take a unique approach.  We don't choose eco-friendly in our description just to catch your attention.  Our products are made from the wool of our sheep.  We know, no dyes or chemicals...ever!   We package our products in all biodegradable packaging.  We can guarantee this is a USA product from raw material to the end use!
No mistake our product has been awarded the SUPER Preferred Tier on WholeFoods Eco Scale rating system.

As we often say, Stoney Mountain Farm wool products are a conscious decision!

From our sheep to EWE, NATURALLY!