Morning Gifts

The sun has returned and the out doors has again been calling me! This particular morning, like most, I embarked on my morning chores, letting the chickens out and feeding and watering to begin the day.  Lucy, the llama, and about 13 teenagers reside in one pasture.  Until they have lambs the first time they remain a bit skiddish around humans...even John and me.  We don't breed our girls until they're at least a year's a matter of physical development to me. They know the routine though. They are always watchful but they step right into the daily morning routine. 

Then I move on to the BIG girls, and they are BIG! They all have lambs by their side and they are pushy! I cannot out smart them and they do not listen to reason.  Believe me, I try! Guess they have alot on their mind raising the youngsters.  They know breakfast noshing is in the very near future.  Although they recognize my arrival is the first sign of breakfast they clearly think being on top of me will guarantee more, better....I don't know?  They each have their own personalities.  I have a time naming all the sheep...I cannot just give them a name, it has been very important to me to watch for their personalities, so, these gals really do live up to their names!  Don't tell my mother though who just happens to have a ewe with her name!  I won't go into too much detail here.  Naming deserves a whole post!

The main reason I am blogging today is a sighting here on the farm...we have a 2 acre pond that we've been told is one of the healthier ponds around.

 We don't manicure the perimeter of the pond and from what we're told that is one of the reasons it is so healthy. Many ponds are experiencing algae growth out of control brought in by the increasing Canadian geese population. We have been told fowl will avoid areas when their safety is challenged by over growth; they can't see an approaching predator.  It seemed a little contradictory to me that wildlife preferred manicured areas. Maybe those geese have been populating too many golf courses and roadsides? Maybe those geese have gotten a bit too citified and have forgotten the ways of nature?  
So yes, I am very glad we have a healthy pond but I am often disappointed that we don't have more birds. Well, this morning, much to my surprise... a female Mallard left the side brush to paddle to safety...away from me and off to the middle of the pond and I caught this....

Nature, ahhh!  The gifts she has to give....