Finding the Words

A degree in Marketing you'd think I'd love writing about Stoney Mountain Farm, our journey and our products.  The issue is not whether I like it or not, it's that it has become such an integral part of my day to demands my action and my creative juices.  Maybe my zodiac sign would give some indication why I respond with rebellion?  I am sure my loved ones would have an opinion but I'm not asking! I am a very creative, very unorganized personality.  Try to put me on a schedule, it works for a few days.  Actually, a little structure feels good for a few days, but only a few.   I Blog, I do Facebook for the farm, Facebook for the Dryer Balls, I do Farmers Market news letter, I do Constant Contact...all require writing.  If you don't post, you don't stay in touch!  If you don't stay in touch....well, we all know what that means.
Alas, I have a growing business that requires outreach. 
The sad reality is I really love to write.
I'm sharing all this because a few posts back I felt the Blog calling me.  I felt remiss in my frequency of blogging.  I felt like I MUST write.  You know what you get when you try too hard?  Not your best work.  The topic was authentic but the content was forced.
I am sharing this because I hope I now can recognize the difference.  You can't force creativity.  Well, I guess you can but it's the difference between art and stuff, right?
This city girl turned farmer has had some incredible experiences on this farm that I know I should share. Many have asked me to.  I just have to give them words....

This little picture I adore.  I bought it at an antique store and it hangs over my desk as I try to find the words.  The caption "SEEING" as she looks in the mirror.

To find the words....I need to find my voice!
Finding your voice requires SEEING yourself.....

(My poor photography skills are the reason for the glare that looks like a moon above her head.  I actually moved her around hoping to remove the "moon"...instead of removing the glare, the moon moved!  Good, aren't I?)