The Spider and the Butterfly

My sweet husband often reminds me of a childhood memory of his, a teacher would often ask "wonder why they call them butterflies, not flutter bys'?"  Watch a butterfly.  You don't see butter but you sure see flutter.

In the mornings I try to walk.

 My morning walks are surrounded only by the sounds, smells and movements of nature.  There isn't much else around me.  Point is, I'm especially aware in these early morning moments. On this particular 

morning walk

I noticed the frantic flutter of a butterfly's wings suspended in a not yet bloomed cluster of milkweed.  The butterfly was obviously in trouble.  I had to help!    So I approached the butterfly.  Sorry no photos. I don't carry technology with me on my walks.  It didn't take long to notice that the butterfly was caught in a spider web.  Even better, little miss spider(nothing little about her really) sat, perched on the branch above, waiting for the last flap of the beautiful butterfly's wings.  


 I couldn't just let this travesty take place.  Death and dining by a yucky old spider!  The milkweed was situated on the embankment, not an easy access point for me to reach.  With a little ingenuity I was able to whisk the web loose from the butterfly and off she flew as high as my neck could reach to see.

Oh my heart felt free; and happy

.  I almost skipped the next distance.  After my heart came back down to earth I began worrying about what I had done.  I mean really, I had to have


to worry about.  After all, the spider has to eat.  I interfered with her breakfast.   I'm not fond of spiders that's true.  I don't imagine many of us are.  I do try to respect

all Gods creatures


We raise an endangered breed of sheep, the 

Navajo Churro'

s on our farm.  As such, I am aware of many of the teachings and beliefs of the Navajo Indians.  

Spider Woman

 is a wonderful spiritual story that suggests

weaving and the spiders web are interconnected


 I might wrinkle my nose or scream at the idea of a spider.  I really don't appreciate the itchy whelps I find about my body from time to time.  I must admit though I have a sense of respect for them least my higher self does!

 So, I continued to walk thinking of the spider and feeling bad.  

I had interfered with the natural process

.  Not respecting the cycle of life I took matters into my hands and saved that butterfly.  I interfered in the natural process!

Wait just a minute,

aren't I part of the process too?

 Isn't that all part of life? Unsuspecting people interfere all the time. Get in the way. Ky bosh a plan. By the time I walked out as far as I wanted to go and turned to circle back to the farm I had concluded I would go apologize to the spider but not feel too much guilt for what I had done.  My motivations were genuine.  Maybe she wouldn't even be there?  As I got closer to the specific frond of milkweed I looked and you cannot imagine what I saw...the milkweed was

covered with unsuspecting butterflies!

 So, Ms. spider might not have had breakfast but she would feast on lunch and dinner too.  Milkweed attracts butterflies.  Ms Spider knows that too.  I stopped, looked close and said, "sorry about your breakfast but from the looks of things you'll be dining fine in no time."  I turned to continue my way home.  I couldn't help but think how easily a thoughtful gesture can be considered otherwise.  How easily our kind reach can be considered interference.

I chuckled at myself over the whole ordeal.  I smile at the moments spent that morning with the spider and the butterfly.

What I realized. in the end,

everything turns out as it should