We haven't shed our coats yet (as it should be) but we see signs of spring everywhere. From the lambs, to our pastures bursting with strong healthy grass and clover (also know as "legumes" to the livestock farmer.) Mother Nature sure knew timing for all the mothers and their young. The babes hit the ground at a time when the forage is full of protein and fiber, right for the demands of the moms raising their young ones. Maybe I'll soon test my capabilites with video clips...you cannot imagine the level of cute when the lambs all huddle. Charging thru the pastures they go, kicking up those wee little legs.
My mouth waters over the soon to be riches of the garden.
Grape vines showing the first signs , hardy pears trees in full blossom, delicate cherries preparing to bear fruit for whomever gets there first! We have already enjoyed asparagus and lettuce fresh from our garden. I had NO idea what asparagus NOT from the grocery could be like. With the 1st cut of the stalk the juices flow like you can't believe. I never knew! My greatest challenge is getting what I pick into the house before it hits my lips!

Then, our projects, whew, our projects! On a good day I exclaim, "we're never bored...if you don't want one project that day, there is always another. You can imagine how I might rephrase that on a bad day.
Alas, what would our days be without "lists"
that never seem to go away?
As we've grown we continue to outgrow...so our fencing continues.
John swears he'll be fencing FOREVER. No, I reassure him (hmm, I think he'll be done someday ....he should be, right?).
The good news for this section
of the fence is we will soon have
sheep in our front yard and a whole lot less
grass to mow!