One of the primary reasons I am starting this Blog is for all the folks that have approached me with wonderful lamb recipes. There has been an interest in"sharing" the ideas and I too am excited to hear and try all these mouth watering food ideas folks have described to me. This last Saturday (our 2nd ) market in Durham a customer from the week prior told me about a recipe he had tried with our ground lamb. He said he made the best pizza ever. He bought frozen pizza dough from Trader Joe's, roasted vegi's and feta cheese all atop the ground lamb! Yummo! (My new phrase). Talk about quick and easy. I think I'll be heading to Trader Joes to keep some of that in the freezer...I know, pizza dough is soooo easy but what a time saver! Aftera hard day on the farm the last thing I have energy for is preparing dough!
How about adding carmelized onions?

Yum, Yum, Yummy Lamb Burgers...1# ground lamb, 1Tblsp minced fresh lavender leaves, 1Tblsp minced fresh rosemary leaves, Crumbles of Feta cheese....

Roasted Coffee Marinated Leg of Lamb:
1. S&P entire leg
2. Mix marinade:
· Coffee beans, roasted under broiler unitl crisp…be careful they burn easily.Grindcoarse,not fine, ¼ c
· Fresh Rosemary LOTS
· Coarse ground Mustard
· Very dark brewed coffee, expresso if possible
· Red wine
· Garlic, LOTS
· Olive Oil
Combine all in food processor to yield about 2C. Coat lamb w/ paste and pour liquids over. Marinade for at least 2 hours.