Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls

One day at the farmers market one of our customers asked us if we had dryer balls, a curious item and being of curious mind,  I did some reasearch.  Wow, WOOL dryer balls really work.  We package 3 (recommended minimum) and also 6 , 100% wool felted dryer balls. Put all of them in your dryer with your clothes...they reduce your drying time, soften, and reduce static cling.  No more need for chemical laden dryer sheets or commercial softeners.  Did you know that dryer sheets and softeners coat your fabric fibers and inhibit their ability to absorb?  Do you know it takes YEARS for a Dryer sheet to break down in the land fills?  Have you read the "ingredients" on the dryer sheet package or your favorite fabric softeners? It's so nice to find a product that helps reduce the household expenses AND helps the land fill...all with a natural and renewable product.  GREAT gift idea!  ...more info


 Natural Fragrance Options for your Wool Dryer Balls

 Wool Dryer Ball Kits

There is nothing difficult about making wool dryer balls.  We decided to make available to those customers who want to make their own dryer balls everything they need.  It's very easy, just takes a bit of time.  We realize there will always be those customers who prefer to purchase ready made dryer balls.  For those of you who would enjoy the process we've made what you need available in these kits.  Our kits include directions and supplies to make 3 wool dryer balls....more info

Eco Friendly Pet Toys

When you look at these toys you may see the evolution from our dryer balls.  The toys also are felted with our 100% natural, do dyes, no chemicals wool...grown on our farm and made 100% from our Navajo Churro  sheep wool.  Not only are you giving your pet a healthy gift, your reducing your carbon footprint, AND your helping to save an endangered breed of livestock!   Each one is made by hand! ...more info

Felting Kits

Our felting kits provide the wool and tools for anyone interested in trying their hand at needle felting. Designed for beginners but many folks just like to have ready access to everything they need to create a cute critter. GREAT gifts! Kits include: enough 100% natural Stoney Mountain Farm wool, felting needles, felting foam, and detailed instructions. ....more info

Roving, Batts and Yarns

Our Navajo Churro sheep produce beautiful award winning wool in over 20 natural colors...more info

Wool Wreaths

Wool Barnyard Ornaments